CSR Racing 2: Make Money Quickly – Tips

In real life known nothing works without money and so that is also in the free App Game “CSR Racing 2” . This game is a racing game in which the earned money can be spent in many ways. For example, you can tune your car, buy new cars, or re-paint it. In this article we will give you the best tips and tricks with which you can take more money.

The following tips increase your own money at CSR Racing 2

1. Use the sticker

If you put your car with stickers, you get an additional amount of money per race, which is not so small. There are different stickers for which you get 150 to 450 dollars depending on the cost.
Sticker bonus

2. hinbekommen Perfect Start

Each time you get the perfect start in the game, you get a certain sum of dollars. Depending on how difficult the opponent is, you get a certain amount, regardless of whether you can be won or lost.


3. Perfect circuit

The perfect circuit is exactly the same as with the start. Here you get for each perfect circuit a certain sum, which is paid off at the end. CSR racing 2 hack


4. Unlock professional and amateur mode

If you start the game again, you can start with the regular race only against beginners and thereby cash per 500 dollars. Now you should unlock the professional and amateur opponents, for which you can get more money. These two are unlocked by defeating the first 3 friends of the Gang.

5. What are the races?

You should not concentrate on a certain racing group in the game, but always go on the races, which are created according to the possibility and for which there is the most money.On the other hand, it does not waste its tank filling to try to defeat an opponent, which is much faster than you do. On the other hand, you should not go all the time only against beginners.