Tips to score goals and win games in FIFA 17


These are the main tips that must be taken into account

static defense

Normally, seeking a dramatic and much more effective theft, we tend to make entries at ground looking for the ball, however, it is much more advisable to keep the defensive position with our player and use the body to prevent the opponent can be rotated or overwhelm both static and career. Tickets at ground level are much more effective for hedging or defensive actions in which the team has not had time to stand, ideal to try a more aggressive theft time. FIFA 17 Hack

Touch the ball

A useful method is to move the ball in the defensive line or means to allow the team bascule and seek holes in the front attack.This movement of ball, which must be fast and accurate, it can break with long to extremes, to the front and even between bands balls, which will give us a very important advantage while the opposing team puts the defense. Another advantage of playing the ball in areas of low pressure, is that the rival defense tend to forward its position to recover, generating more space behind to take advantage passaging through or over.


In front of goal we must keep calm nerves and avoid throwing the “dummy”. To do this it is advisable to profile the player to his good leg, reduce the speed of the race and mark well the strength of the shot. With the new physics engine, FIFA 17 takes into account all these factors and even the smallest physical element affects the outcome.


A very effective way to break the opponent’s pressure is making walls. They are logically easier to carry out in areas of lower pressure, so that if we opted for a combination game in the immediate area, we will have to be very precise and have quality players to overcome rival pressure. When making walls we should not hesitate to use normal passes through and even elevated to surprise the defense.


One of the most effective actions of FIFA 17 are the headers. That is why we try very well centers from the band to refine the technique. The first factor is to determine the place we want to launch it, you can choose from the near post, the second or the penalty spot. Do not forget to have the qualities of the front into account to determine the type of center.

The goalkeeper

Usually it obviates the goalkeeper figure as last defender, but in modern football are increasingly important. Today almost all goalkeepers play well with his feet, so always safely, a backward pass to start again is a great solution. The goalkeeper is also very important to reduce the gap between the defense and the goal as if playing with the forward defense, we have to be very careful to draw goalkeeper timely and clear those balls to the back of the defense much damage. Triche FIFA 17


FIFA 17 includes a huge amount of watermarks with different levels of difficulty and if it is true that only the most skilled players can use these resources, it is important to know the best turns and use to outflank on the wings or in the area. These turns, which many use to show off unnecessarily, are a very effective remedy, so it is recommended to practice in training.

Adjust the difficulty level

FIFA 17 offers 5 levels of difficulty that we must choose carefully for good and funny evolution. If this is your first time with FIFA it is best to opt for Debutante, a very simple difficulty with a rival AI that allows us to do all kinds of passing, shooting and defense played without suffering. If we want something a little more complicated, beginner and amateur offer greater challenge without being very demanding offensively, pose an interesting challenge to master defensive positions. But if we want to experience a more realistic game, we can play in Professional, one of the most common difficulty levels among casual players, but with years of experience.

If we opt for something more complicated and faithful to reality, World Class is a challenge to live up to the big players. At this level of difficulty adjust defenses spaces, teams combine effectively and we will have to deploy all our quality to win the match.Finally, if we look a tremendously realistic and demanding experience, Legend offers a challenge to match the chosen few.fully armed in attack and defense teams, very effective pressures and very high difficulty blending in opponent field are some of the features in a way designed to the best players in FIFA 17.

Within these difficulty levels have the last barrier, online games, a place that allows us to avoid the usual patterns of rival IA and find much more exciting than FIFA 17 offers on their offline modes challenges.

Play a lot

The wide range of teams and players makes it very difficult to completely dominate the gameplay of FIFA 17, however, the more hours we play and more teams can try, the easier it is to find our way and completely dominate the game. That is why you have to train much dribbling, passing, shots on goal and, above all, play many games against the AI, with friends and online. The practice just paying off and dominate FIFA 17 you have to play many hours.