Zynga and NaturalMotion are launching a new strategy game for Android and iOS with Dawn of Titans during the year.

British game developer Natural Motion, which last year of Farmville was bought from the creators Zynga has announced a new action-strategy game titles. In the Mobile Game Dawn of Titans, you create your own kingdom to set up armies to fight evil titans. For this, you enter into a detailed 3D world and experience large-scale battles, where you command thousands of troops. According to NaturalMotion, behind the animations is a technology that has already been used in the production of blockbuster films and console games, which makes Dawn of Titans particularly impressive visual effects. The countless troops that lead into the field in the new game are therefore not only fierce battles with dark armies, but also present themselves dynamically and with life-long movements.

Dawn of Titans battlefield

In addition to specher, archer, and other units, Dawn of Titans offers you gigantic warriors to recruit and train. The good Titans who are going to fight for you to regain territories from the menacing invaders have superhuman powers, proving to be equal enemies for the enemy troops. From your kingdom, you and your troops and Titans are going to engage in giant battlefields where you fight their fierce battles. You wipe your finger over the touchscreen to move individual units across the battlefield and send them to the desired position. This allows you to develop and implement individual combat strategies in Dawn of Titans. Through victories you conquer more and more parts of the fantasy kingdom and gradually expand your own power. You will find support in alliances where you can join other players to experience large PvP battles.

“The worldwide release of Dawn of Titans is scheduled to take place during the year, but no exact date is known. In the coming weeks, according to the announcement, the first softlaunch phases will be launched, allowing players in individual countries to enter the world of the new mobile games. Free Dawn of Titans Gems

There is no information about the payment model. Since the publisher is called Zynga, everything but free-to-play would be a surprise.