Ten tips and tricks to win battles in Clash Royale

It is one of the games for mobile time when we have already mastered the basics it’s time to know some of the tactics, strategies and secrets that can apply in the battles to win battles in Clash Royale, which is the ultimate goal of the title and which we will gradually increase the level and ranking.

Clash Royale is presented as a strategy game where being something smarter than our opponent can lead us to victory. With clashes that only last a couple of minutes, have some aces in our manga is usually the best way to end the towers and castle rival before we destroy ourselves. We’ve scoured the Internet the advice of the most skilled players Clash Royale and then the Decalogue winning strategies for the game you select creators of Clash of Clans.

Before going further we remind you that we have already discussed this title on several occasions and also have a comprehensive guide for tricks and a selection with the best videos with the secrets of the game:

1. Never expect in the first attack, but do it with a letter low cost

The first attack in Clash Royale is always the one that costs more Elixir, which will determine our fate in the battle. We can not expect to receive the first blow because it would give a competitive advantage to our opponent but we can try tocounter their attack with a letter from low level to save and discover how to defeat him or, at least, the strategy you will use. Clash Royale Hack

2. Eliminates powerful cards with other lower level

It may seem absurd advice, but is very effective. The idea is to use lower – level cards equaling the balance against a powerful attack and that gives us an advantage of Elixir for the next wave. This is, for example, a horde of Minions that costs 5 Elixir can be repelled an attack with arrows representing a cost of 3 or Wizard and Barbarians powerful, which together total 10, you can stop a Fireball cost 4 .

3. Attacks on the side of the tower you have most played

This is also a basic strategy, because if the two towers of the enemy have the same energy, we can attack again and, incidentally, protect our weakest flank while in Clash Royale.

4. Think of your card as a “team”

Clash Royale letters are not only designed to use one at a time, the key is how the big players combine the strengths and weaknesses of both. For example, a slow Golem can defend better if we support a Fireball distance to get to the enemy castle, or a little tough Montapuercos combined with freezing letter becomes a titan.

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5. The perfect half

When setting up your deck, as I discussed in our guide tips, tricks and secrets of Clash Royale , there is a magic number that is the average of Elixir we should have to have a winning card selection. Each card has a specific gravity but if we have a deck with an average between 4 and 5, we already part of the battle won. Clash Royale Cheats

6. No “sprints” in the trap of the tower to fall

It is a strategy that many newbies fall to start. An experienced player can wait for the opponent to prime in a tower that is about to fall and sending more artillery to finish her off of it is necessary. If we do this, we will lose elixir and the letter we sent also lose power when approaching the main tower. That could leave us without the Elixir necessary to defend our strength if the opponent had kept an attack that will catch us off guard.

7 .- Do not send the “wounded” group

Another common mistake is to think that sending troops several poor health increases their ability to attack and defend. Not so, all we get nothing because a single attack with a fireball can kill all of them at once and leave our unattended flank.

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8. Learn from the best

It is likely that even if you play with better people than you not be able to read your strategy and you’ll be thinking more about how to win the game. For this is TV Royale, Clash Royale a section where you can see people fighting level than yours and learn from what they are doing in each situation to attack or defend.

9. It also has spending rival Elixir

Clash good Royale is that the two teams have the same Elixir despite having different cards in your hand. You should go considering the letters throwing the enemy will probably also have us and go discounting expense is doing. For example, if we take a giant and a Prince, will be 0 Elixir, which is an opportunity to attack without us can repel a powerful letter.

10. “Normal” letters are perhaps the most important

Finally, do not neglect the most common letters because they are less expensive and more easy to climb level. Epic combined with letters or other in its class is essential to master the tempo of the game and to deal the final blow with some weirdest thing.